Whale Whisperer Andrew Armour

DOMINICA, CARIBBEAN SEA: Three sperm whales in Dominica.

Whale whisperer Andrew Armour has formed special bond with a colossal sperm whale – allowing him to get up close and personal with a true giant of the sea. Spectacular images taken last weekend (January 29 – 31, 2010) show how the diving guide is able to get nose-to-nose with Scar, a 10-year-old male.

Gracefully swimming alongside the huge creature of the deep, Andrew invited underwater photographers Eric Cheng, 34, from San Francisco, California, and Tony Wu, 42, from Tokyo, Japan, to witness his amazing encounters with Scar and other sperm whales in his pod.

Taken in Dominica, Caribbean, the incredible images demonstrate Andrew’s intimate friendship with the whale and give a stunning insight into the lives of other pod members travelling with Scar. In one picture a large group of ‘socialising’ whales come together – giving the impression they are meeting up for a chat. And in another they arrive in a perfectly formed procession – almost like they are part of a military procession.


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